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October 10, 2012

Siemens Building Technologies chooses Lucid as preferred vendor to advance commercial building occupant engagement and drive sustainable energy consumption behavior

Technology and business collaboration enables Siemens and Lucid to offer a comprehensive energy management and conservation package to help businesses meet energy and sustainability goals

Oakland, CA

Siemens, the global leader for building automation technology, has selected Lucid to provide engaging user interface technology to be used in conjunction with Siemens’ APOGEE range of building automation products. By choosing Lucid, Siemens recognizes Lucid’s Building Dashboard® as the most effective way to use real-time energy and water consumption data to engage building occupants and change consumption behaviors.

Lucid’s Building Dashboard complements Siemens’ current energy services offerings, including EMC, which is a detailed energy management tool for data archiving and reporting, and APOGEE Insight, which services facilities managers who need real-time monitoring and alarming of building systems. Building Dashboard will serve as an important link between energy and facility management efforts, and broader occupant engagement and sustainability initiatives.

Dozens of major institutional and commercial customers have already used the combined solutions from Lucid and Siemens. Over the past two years, Siemens and Lucid have been installed in 37 projects, and have created a seamless integration of their two technologies so that data can be shared without the need for additional or redundant hardware.

Lucid’s technology enhances the work Siemens does to help schools, universities, and commercial buildings manage and reduce energy consumption.

“By collaborating with Siemens, one of the recognized industry leaders in technologies to drive smart energy consumption for commercial building operators, we can connect building managers and sustainability leaders with our advanced Building Dashboard technology,” said Michael Murray, CEO of Lucid. “By coupling smart equipment with the latest engagement technology, together, we can make buildings more intelligent.”

“Lucid’s Building Dashboard is a great fit with our portfolio of energy management solutions. Lucid’s technology enhances the work Siemens does to help schools, universities, and commercial buildings manage and reduce energy consumption,” said Jeff Wills, Portfolio Manager at Siemens Building Technologies.

Building Dashboard provides an important link between the energy conservation measures and the educational and engagement goals of schools that have deployed Building Dashboard and resource consumption data in classrooms, school tours, and student programs.

Earlier this year, Stevenson High School in Illinois sought help from Siemens Building Technologies with reducing natural gas and carbon emissions, and improving the energy efficiency of its buildings. Stevenson sought to generate $100,000 in annual energy savings through improvements to the building automation systems, and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. By including Building Dashboard Kiosk on touch screens throughout the school, Siemens provided opportunities for Stevenson to integrate sustainability into the classroom curriculum.


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