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Easy and efficient building management

BuildingOS's meter data management tools allow you to manage your entire portfolio in one place. And with real-time notifications, you'll know the second a meter goes offline.

Identify low- and no-cost savings opportunities

With real-time data in BuildingOS, you can easily identify opportunities for improvement. Optimize scheduling, detect faults, manage peak demand, and better prioritize efficiency projects.

Before BuildingOS, we were trying to achieve annual savings goals using critical information from seven different hardware and software systems across our campus. Now we have a single system for tracking our energy information and engaging our sustainability and facilities teams and employees.

— Megan Rast, Director of Sustainability, Fortune 100 Company

Data-supported planning

BuildingOS arms you with critical data for understanding operational needs, making informed capital planning decisions, and developing the case for your projects and annual budgets.

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Find out how a media company used BuildingOS to optimize energy use in several buildings and build a data-supported case for further energy project financing. More →

Ensure accuracy in your utility bills

Utility bill management in BuildingOS gives you trusted data directly from the utility meter. Compare interval data with actual utility spend to pinpoint potential overcharges and verify your bills.

Minimize costly peak demand charges

Predictive forecasting in BuildingOS will notify you before a building's consumption hits its peak or surpasses a threshold that you define. You can set up email alerts for your team in minutes.

We started going in the BuildingOS direction so that we could execute the same type of project internally, with our own staff, our own project managers, and our own analysis... Effective use of metering, the Dashboard, and BuildingOS tools is allowing us to reach our Net Zero goal much quicker than we thought.

— Jacob Cain, Plant Operations Director, Weber State University

Data-driven budgeting and cost allocation

BuildingOS allows you to make informed capital planning decisions. A portfolio-wide view of performance helps you prioritize your biggest opportunities for improvement, and validate savings.

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Find out how Weber State University used BuildingOS at every step of their project planning process to save $1.6 million a year. More →

Drive behavioral efficiency

By displaying and sharing real-time performance data, BuildingOS's engagement solution can help occupants reduce energy use by up to 25%.

Foster collaboration

BuildingOS is built for everyone, so teams across your organization can easily use it to gain actionable insights that will foster collaboration and results.

We purchased Building Dashboard to increase employee awareness. However, when we hosted an inter-office energy reduction competition, we found that the tool also facilitated making our spaces more comfortable by fine-tuning building equipment settings.

— Michael Deane, Chief Sustainability Officer, Turner Construction Company

Tell your sustainability story

Get the word out about your sustainability program by showcasing your buildings' unique green features, efficiency projects, and performance.

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Find out how Turner Construction Company used BuildingOS to reduce energy costs and improve occupant comfort through energy reduction competitions. More →

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