Go head-to-head in energy and water use reduction competitions between buildings, floors, and departments.


Track success toward meeting a monthly budget with colorful calendar views and pertinent daily summaries.


Make public announcements, strategize about reduction efforts, and share best practices with live discussion feeds.


Call on individuals to publicly commit to energy and water conservation actions in their buildings and on Facebook.

Community comparisons

Grade your building against the best and worst performers, and see where your building stands among its neighbors.

Event tagging

Create a continuous log of building improvements, energy efficiency upgrades, and community activities.


Connect the dashboard with multiple Twitter feeds and start tweeting events, competition statuses, and other news.


Stream video or audio content, like guided building tours and how-it-works demonstrations, from YouTube.

End use breakdowns

Compare across individual end uses or regions of a building to create a complete picture of your performance.

Green tips

Nudge building occupants in the right direction with audience- and resource-specific tips for conservation.


Display local weather and environmental conditions and five-day forecasts right on the dashboard.